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Classes and Workshops


I left Los Angeles in 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic and I'm currently living a

semi-nomadic lifestyle following the weather (and wild food) in an RV, however I still spend a considerable amount of time in my Art Studio located in the mountains of Valyermo (90 minutes from Los Angeles).  From time to time, I still do a couple of live classes in the Los Angeles area and, of course, I give public and private classes on the property where my studio is located.  I also offer a considerable amount of zoom classes, mostly on the subject of traditional food preservation technique applied to regular and wild edibles. 

Saturday, February 24

10 am - 1:30 pm (PST)

Sylmar area 

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Eco-Friendly Foraging - Plants Walk / Wild Food Tasting & Drinks

Want to learn about edible plants and help the environment in the process? Did you know what we are surrounded by wild edible plants and most of them are non-native to Los Angeles and often invasive?

In this class, you'll learn about the countless local plants that you can use for food, many of them can be found in your backyard and are considered weed. .

We will walk in the local forest (private property in the Angeles Forest), identify and talk about the culinary and medical uses of those plants. The walk is around 1 1/2 hours, very slow with lots of stops to talk about and collect the plants. We'll also talk about native plants, their uses and which ones you could plant at home.

Wild food is gourmet food! After the class you will be served delicious snacks and drinks featuring the plants we saw during our walk. A true wild cuisine!

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Sunday, March 8

10 am - 3 pm (PST)

Valyermo area 

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Goat Square.jpg

Spend a day in the local mountains and learn how to make fermented hot sauces!

Limited amount of participants (only 7).

If you like hot sauces and spicy food, this workshop is for you!  Only 90 minutes from Los Angeles, in the beautiful mountains near Wrightwood.

Learn from one of the top forager and fermentation expert in North America! Author of 4 bestselling books related to fermentation: The Wildcrafting Brewer, Wildcrafted Fermentation, The New Wildcrafted Cuisine and Wildcrafted Vinegars

Let’s make a delicious fermented hot sauces using organic ingredients, wild or commercial. And guess what?  Unlike store-bought hot sauces, these will be a good source of probiotics.

But the real bonus are the flavors you can achieve my mixing various chili peppers, savory plants, spices (wild or not) and even tasty seeds and grains.

Who knows?  Maybe you’ll invent the next “Sriracha” and make a fortune!

During this workshop we’ll make together a basic fermented hot sauce (you’ll take some home) then, if we have some time left, I’ll demonstrate how to make a “Tabasco”-style hot sauce using fermented ingredients.

You don’t need to be a fermentation expert to attend.  All the ferments will be made in regular jars, no need for special equipment

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