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As a forager, wildcrafter and teacher most of his life, Pascal view his connection to the environment and nature as an intimate relationship and an art form. His current work with wild edibles and use of materials collected from the environment blends culinary and visual arts into a cohesive and unique personal aesthetic.

Aside from being a recognized for his wild food expertise, Pascal is also considered one of the top fermentation master in North America with a unique focus on using yeast and bacteria which can be found in the local wilderness. 


Most of his work focuses on non-native and invasive wild edibles, finding ways to turn them into nutritious, delicious and healthy tasty food. One of this goals is to inspire a cuisine that is not just sustainable but beneficial to the environment. 

Nomadic Wildcrafter & Pottery

2020 was the transition to a more nomadic lifestyle and a couple of years exploring North America, collecting wild clays, meeting other foragers and learning new plants while travelling in an RV.  In 2022, while still living in his RV and travelling, he opened an Art Studio in the San Gabriel Mountains (Southern California) to continue his research on wild edible, traditional food preservation techniques and also focus on the artistic side of wildcrafting.  


A self-described “culinary alchemist,” he leads classes in traditional food preservation techniques and wild food. Through his business, Urban Outdoor Skills, he has introduced thousands of home cooks, celebrity chefs, and foodies to the flavors offered by their wild landscapes. Los Angeles Magazine has named  him one of the most influential local tastemakers.


He is the author of 4 bestselling books: Wildcrafted Vinegars (2022), Wildcrafted Fermentation (2020), The Wildcrafting Brewer (2018), and The New Wildcrafted Cuisine (2016).

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