I have written 4 books so far, my latest book called "Wildcrafted Vinegars" should be released around October 2022. All my other books have been amazon bestsellers in several categories and continue to be popular to this day.  Think of them as books of ideas, concepts and methods which can be applied to your local environment, it doesn't matter if you live in Europe, Asia, North or South America, Australia or anywhere else in the world. 


Wildcrafted Vinegars

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Award-winning author and forager Pascal Baudar uncovers incredible flavors and inspiring recipes to create unique, place-based vinegars using any landscape.


Includes more than 100 delicious, easy recipes for quick pickles, soups, sauces, salad dressings, beverages, desserts, jams, and more!


After covering yeast fermentation (The Wildcrafting Brewer) and lactic acid fermentation (Wildcrafted Fermentation),  pioneering food expert Pascal Baudar completes his wild fermentation trilogy by tackling acetic acid ferments and the wide array of dishes you can create with them. Baudar delves deeply into the natural world for wild-gathered flavors: herbs, fruits, berries, roots, mushrooms--even wood, bark, and leaves--that play a vital part in infusing distinctive gourmet-quality vinegars. More than 100 recipes show how to use homemade vinegars to make a wide range of delicious foods: quick pickles, soups, sauces, salad dressings, beverages, desserts, jams, and other preserves. Recipes include: Pine, fir, and spruce-infused vinegar Smoked mushroom and seaweed vinegar Blueberry-mugwort vinegar Wilder curry vinaigrette Wasabi ginger vinegar sauce Pickled walnuts Mountain oxymel And many more! Once you've mastered the basic methods for making and aging vinegars at home, you might be inspired to experiment on your own and find local plants that express the unique landscape and terroir wherever you happen to live. Or you might decide to forage for ingredients in your own garden or at a local farmers market instead. Either way, Pascal Baudar is an experienced and encouraging guide to safe and responsible wild-gathering and food preservation.


"Pascal Baudar is a culinary visionary."--Sandor Ellix Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation 


Wildcrafted Fermentation

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“I am in awe of this book”―Sandor Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation

Wild krauts and kimchis, fermented forest brews, seawater brines, plant-based cheeses, and more with over 100 easy-to-follow recipes! 

Featured in The Independent’s (UK) “7 Best Fermentation Books of 2020”

One of the most influential tastemakers of our time invites you on an extraordinary culinary journey into the lacto-fermentation universe of common wild edibles. Used for thousands of years by different cultures all around the world, lacto-fermentation is the easiest, safest, and most delicious way to preserve food. And nature provides all the necessary ingredients: plants, salt, and the beneficial lactic acid bacteria found everywhere.

In Wildcrafted Fermentation, Pascal Baudar describes in detail and through step-by-step color photos how to create rich flavorful ferments:

  • At home

  • From the wild plants in your local landscape

  • From the cultivated plants in your garden

From sauerkrauts and kimchis to savory pastes, hot sauces, and dehydrated spice blends, Baudar includes more than 100 easy-to-follow, plant-based recipes to inspire even the most jaded palate. The step-by-step photos illustrate foraging, preparation, and fermentation techniques for both wild and cultivated plants that will change your relationship to the edible landscape and give you the confidence to succeed like a pro.

So much more than a cookbook, Wildcrafted Fermentation offers a deeply rewarding way to reconnect with nature through the greens, stems, roots, berries, fruits, and seeds of your local terroir. Adventurous and creative, this cookbook will help you rewild your probiotic palate and “create a cuisine unique to you and your environment.”




The Wildcrafting Brewer 

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Primitive beers, country wines, herbal meads, natural sodas, and more

"Baudar has elevated the concept of terroir into the realm of extreme beverages, both fermented and unfermented. His book brings to life the innovative quest of the Palaeolithic shaman/healer/brewer."―Patrick E. McGovern, author of Ancient Brews 

Fermentation fans and home brewers can rediscover “primitive” drinks and their unique flavors in The Wildcrafting Brewer. Wild-plant expert and forager Pascal Baudar’s first book, The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, opened up a whole new world of possibilities for readers wishing to explore and capture the flavors of their local terroir. The Wildcrafting Brewer does the same for fermented drinks.

Baudar reveals both the underlying philosophy and the practical techniques for making your own delicious concoctions, including:

  • Wild sodas

  • Country wines

  • Primitive herbal beers

  • Meads

  • Traditional ferments like tiswin and kvass.

The book opens with a retrospective of plant-based brewing and ancient beers. The author then goes on to describe both hot and cold brewing methods and provides lots of interesting recipes; mugwort beer, horehound beer, and manzanita cider are just a few of the many drinks represented. Baudar is quick to point out that these recipes serve mainly as a touchstone for readers, who can then use the information and techniques he provides to create their own brews, using their own local ingredients.

The Wildcrafting Brewer will attract herbalists, foragers, natural-foodies, and chefs alike with the author’s playful and relaxed philosophy. Readers will find themselves surprised by how easy making your own natural drinks can be, and will be inspired, again, by the abundance of nature all around them.

"With gorgeous photos and clear technical details, this book will be a source of great inspiration."―Sandor Ellix Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation


The New Wildcrafting Cuisine

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"A beautiful book, loaded with recipes and techniques for preserving and eating wild plants."―Saveur


"A gorgeous book . . . .  [Baudar’s] methods, ideas, and aesthetics . . .  are truly inspirational."―Sandor Ellix Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation 

With detailed recipes for ferments, infusions, spices, and more!

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine explores the flavors of local terroir, combining the research and knowledge of plants and landscape with the fascinating and innovative techniques of a master food preserver and self-described "culinary alchemist."

Author Pascal Baudar views his home terrain of southern California (mountain, desert, chaparral, and seashore) as a culinary playground, full of wild plants and other edible and delicious foods (even insects) that once were gathered and used by native peoples but that have only recently begun to be re-explored and appreciated.

For instance, he uses various barks to make smoked vinegars, and combines ants, plants, and insect sugar to brew primitive beers. Stems of aromatic plants are used to make skewers. Selected rocks become grinding stones, griddles, or plates. Even fallen leaves and other natural materials from the forest floor can be utilized to impart a truly local flavor to meats and vegetables, one that captures and expresses the essence of season and place.

This beautifully photographed book offers up dozens of creative recipes and instructions for preparing a pantry full of preserved foods, including:

  • Pickled Acorns

  • White Sage-Lime Cider

  • Wild Kimchi Spice

  • Currant Capers

  • Infused Salts with Wild Herbs

  • Pine Needles Vinegar

  • Wild Beers

  • And much, much more!

Readers everywhere can apply Baudar’s deep foraging wisdom and experience to explore their own bioregions and find an astonishing array of plants and other materials that can be used in their own kitchens.

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine is an extraordinary book by a passionate and committed student of nature, one that will inspire both chefs and adventurous eaters to get creative with their own local landscapes.