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A new upcoming workshop (check the schedule) - fermented and aged vegan cheeses made with local wild edibles plants and nuts or store bought- Acorn, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, etc....

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Plants Walk - Forest - Edible, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

Sunday April 22


Plants Walk - Chaparral - Edible, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

Saturday April 28


Wilder Condiments (Gourmet mustard, infused salts, pesto, etc...) with Plants Walk.

Sunday April 29


Plants Walk - Mountains - Edible, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

Saturday May 5


Making power & energy bars using wild and regular ingredients + Plants Walk

Sunday May 6


Plants Walk - Forest - Edible/Medicinal/Aromatic

Saturday May 19


Wild Food Tasting Event + Plant Walk

Saturday May 26





And more...see schedule.







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We have incredible new classes and workshops for 2018 including making plants/nuts-based hamburgers, fermented and aged vegan cheeses, vegetarian soft cheese spreads and pâtés, lots of exciting plants walks. wild beers, Food Tasting and much more!  Check the schedule.





Wilder Condiments (Gourmet mustard, infused salts, pesto, etc...)

with Plants Walk.

Sunday April 29


Join us for a walk in the forest and learn about wild edible and aromatic plants. We'll walk for a bit more than an hour or so and identify/talk about the culinary and medicinal uses of the plants we encounter. It's a very slow walk with lots of stops. We don't need to go very far.


After the walk, I'll demonstrate how to make various gourmet condiments with what nature is offering us - how to make mustard using black mustard flowers or seeds, herbs salts, hummus or pesto with local plants, mountain syrup and so on.


And of course, we will have some wild tasting and drinks - elderberry wine, mugwort beer, forest infusion and all kinds of snacks using wild condiments.


Super good for the environment too as many of the plants we will use are non-native and invasive too!


Long pants / sleeves is a good idea - We have poison oak in the area. Make sure to bring some water and sun protection too.


Location: Reptacular Ranch



Time: From 10 AM to around 1:30 PM