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A new upcoming workshop (check the schedule) - fermented and aged vegan cheeses made with local wild edibles plants and nuts or store bought- Acorn, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, etc....

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Halloween Spooky Walk in the Dark Forest

Snakes, Mushrooms, Spiders and Magic Plants

Sunday October 28


Making your own "raw" gourmet vinegars from Scratch + Plants Walk/Tasting

Free "Mother Vinegar Starter"

Saturday November 3


And more...see schedule.







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We have incredible new classes and workshops for 2018 including making plants/nuts-based hamburgers, fermented and aged vegan cheeses, vegetarian soft cheese spreads and pâtés, lots of exciting plants walks. wild beers, Food Tasting and much more!  Check the schedule.




Basic Fermentation + Plants Walk

(Basic sauerkraut and kimchi types ferments)

Includes plants identification walk and wild ferments tasting.

Saturday - November 10


Fermentation is one of the easiest way to preserve food but it's also super healthy for you. You don’t need anything special to do it – just plants and salt.


The amount of delicious condiments you can make using fermentation is actually mind boggling, from simple sauerkraut to kimchi, salad condiments and even hot sauces.  In this workshop, you will not only learn the basic methods but, even if you're already experienced, I will show you how to bring your ferments to the next level by mixing spices, aromatic plants, seeds, even wild plants and give you tips for pairing your fermented creations with interesting food.


I will even show you how to create ferments that everyone (even those who usually don’t like sour flavors) will appreciate and how to make 100% sure you never get a bad fermentation.  If you are into health and flavors or want to learn how to preserve food from a gourmet perspective, this workshop is for you!


Before the workshop, just for fun, we'll do a plant walk and you'll learn about local wild edibles plants as well - it's a very slow walk with lots of stops.


This is a very fun hands-on workshop – bring a jar with you and you’ll get to take your tasty creation home.


We meet in front of a place called Reptacular

8828 Gold Creek Rd, Sylmar, CA 91342

Look for a red Jeep Wrangler near the entrance, we park on the side of the road a bit further (don't under the main gate, just drive a bit further)

34°19'09.9"N 118°19'49.1"W

Time: From 10 AM to around 1 PM