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I offer private classes on foraging, fermentation, canning, making wild beers and sodas, hot sauces, making vinegar,

seasonal non-alcoholic beverages (infusions, shrubs, etc...), wild spice blends, pickling and more...

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September 2016



Saturday September 17

Nature/Plants identification Walk (Edible, medicinal, poisonous)


Join me for a nature and plant identification walk We’ll take a leisury walk and look at various plants and discuss their various uses (medicinal, culinary and others). It’s a very slow walk with a lot of stops.


After the walk, we’ll enjoy some nice cold drinks and snacks using wild ingredients.


Long pants and hiking shoes are preferred. Sometimes we have poison oak.  Make sure to bring some water and sun protection too.


We will drive from the meeting place. You'll need to purchase a forest pass $5 (There is a 711 which sells them where we meet)


Meeting place: Sunland Shopping Center


8349 Foothill Blvd, Sunland, CA


GPS: 34°15'36.2"N  118°18'53.8"W


Look for a sushi restaurant and a subway


Time: From 10 AM to around 1:00 PM


Donation: $20.00 (Pay on top)



Sunday September 18

Wild Beer Workshop


Let's get back to the basics of making beer. You'll be amazed how easy it is to make tasty beers at home with little equipment. During this workshop, you learn about plants that have been used during history as brewing ingredients, how to extract wild yeast, creating sugar sources from fruits and berries and much more!


First we'll go on a plant identification walk and identify some of the plants that have been used historically to create interesting brews (Horehound, mugwort, etc...). We'll also talk about medicinal and edible plants during the walk. It's a very slow walk, probably 1 1/2hr


After the walk, we'll sit down and I'll show you the process of making the beer on location, we'll go through all the steps. Some wild refreshments and snacks will be served.


Limit: 15 participants. Early registration is strongly recommended due to limited space.



Location: Hansen Dam Equestrian Center


11127 Orcas Avenue, Lake View Terrace, CA, 91342, us


We meet at the South end of the park, pass the children's playground.

Time: From 10AM to around 1:00 PM


34°16'10.4"N  118°22'00.0"W


Donation: $40.00 (Pay on top)






Sunday September 25

Wild Food Tasting and Small Plant Walk


Meet some super friendly animals too!


That day, we'll explore the local forest on a private property and identify local edible and aromatic plants. It's so plentiful, we don't have to walk much. We'll probably spend an hour doing so.


It's going to be super fun as the property as giant tortoises, a camel, goats, zebra and much, much more...


The fun part is what comes next. We'll get busy and make some food, start cooking some wild greens to make delicious dishes, create some spice blends. I'll introduce you to the concept of cooking with forest floor and we'll get some sampling as well.


Long pants and hiking shoes are preferred. Sometimes we have poison oak.  Make sure to bring some water and sun protection too.


So be ready for fun and delicious times. Tons of interesting food and drinks.



We'll drive to the location from our initial meeting place (10 minutes drive).


We meet in front of the local 711 at the following address:

11348 Sunburst St, Sylmar, CA, US

34°16'39.9"N 118°22'42.1"W

Time: From 10AM to around 1:00 PM


Donation: $40 (pay on top)

$10 (out of the $40) will be donated to the animal facility.